• Difficulty: Medium

  • Cooking Time: 15 minutes

  • Serving Size: 3 people

Looking for hearty and sweaty dinner? This traditional Korean spicy soup is perfect to satiate your desire for rich seafood feast in a boiling hot pot. Soft tofu in the broth will melt in your mouth and diverse seafoods in the soup will provide different textures perffect for your home dinner!

Cooking Instruction

Step 01:

Slice vegetable and meat into 3~4cm and wash seafood in running water.

Step 02:

In a large soup pan or pot, stir fry vegetable and seafood with soup base in high heat, and add 400 ml of water and boil.

Step 03:

Pour in 400ml of water again and add soon tofu and the rest of vegetable.

Step 04:

Before serving, break open eggs into the boiling soup and serve individually.